The Co-Ops

Why figure it all out alone when you can partner with someone who knows the way and create what is essentially a symbiotic relationship? Enter The Creamery, Rootbar and Royale Eatery.

Our dream, as a company, is to always bring you the absolute best that coffee has to offer. To pair with our coffee, we have a food offering of hand-made and artisanal snacks with only the best ingredients available to us.

If this journey has taught us anything, it’s the value of the right partnerships. That’s why when we decided to branch out into healthy foods, desserts, and a wider-net eatery offering, instead of trying to figure out how to do it all on our own (kind of like why you go to a pro to do your taxes!) we decided to partner with our sister brands The Creamery, Rootbar and Royale Eatery. Why figure it all out alone when you can partner with someone who knows the way and create what is essentially a symbiotic relationship. The aim was to share our knowledge, and all contribute to the shared pot, growing together and benefitting from one another’s vast but specialised knowledge.

And so, the Co-Op spaces were born! As of writing this we have three distinct Co-Op spaces with slightly different offerings. All aptly named because of a trait of place, and illuminated by a signature neon sign. We have Twenty on Vineyard (Vineyard Road, Claremont), Harbour View at the V&A (the V&A Waterfront), and The Deck on Beach (Mouille Point).

Twenty on Vineyard is all black, white, and coppery tones, with a Seattle Coffee Company, a Royale Eatery and Rootbar. The big exterior windows offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy our fare while watching passersby or reading a book in a sunny spot.

Harbour View boasts black, greens, coppers and blues, with a view that cannot be beat. It feels like a little oasis away from the chaos that is the traditional mall food court. Next time you need a shopping break, consider a G&T and crumpet stack from Royale Eatery, a cookie and scoop from The Creamery, juice from Rootbar or your fave beverage from us – either outside or at one of the ample booths inside.

The Deck on Beach is right on promenade on the Mouille Point side, with blacks, silvers and blues framing the deck that overlooks the ocean and the prom strollers. On cooler days the glass doors can close but there are always blankets available if you want to get cosy outside. Here you will find Royale Eatery, Rootbar and us! Trust us, this is going to be your new fave sundowner spot!

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