Can I buy a franchise?

Unfortunately we do not currently franchise our stores or mobile coffee units. Each province in SA has 1 or 2 has (already existing) joint venture partners, and they hold the sole rights to opening and operating ALL of the Seattle’s in their region. All provinces have already been allocated, and contractually no other side-partnerships are ever entered into.

This has been a successful model for our stores. This way, we are able to keep strict control of product, quality and service within this partnership. The strict contract with these individuals is such that no other people may open stores in their territory and contractually no side partnerships will ever be entered into.

If however you are a landlord of a great site and are interested in possibly having us as a tenant, feel free to let us know a little more about your site. It will then be up to our existing JV partner for the region to see if the location and rental is feasible for a store, and as mentioned.

I would love to work for Seattle. How do I go about this?

We are always looking to add new Baristas to our team. Please send through a detailed CV stating your name and location to

Please note that all our Baristas are put through intensive training therefore we unfortunately do not have part-time positions available.


As you know, half the plastic used in the world today is used in single use items.  The issues around renewable and non-renewable resources are very complex, but the sustainability hierarchy is incontrovertible – reduce, reuse, recycle, where recycling is the last resort.


We have our awesome range of re-usable Keepcups imported from Australia. The KeepCup and all its components are BPA and BPS free.

There is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups and lids to make one Keepcup (if you use a KeepCup for a year instead of disposables, you will have saved 3kg of plastic.)

To ensure the safety of our customers, long product life, and safety for use with hot beverages, the original KeepCups components are made with polypropylene. We have also brought in their glass and cork products.

The benefits:

When you buy a Keepcup: You will receive a free coffee on the spot, as well as a 10% discount every time you bring it back or R2 at our Caltex Garage stores. Plus, after every 10 coffees purchased, you will receive a free coffee on our loyalty system. What is important to note is that we have always offered this discount on ANY travel mug you bring in to any of our stores.

Splash Sticks:

Our plastic splashsticks are re-suable. We are currently investigating bamboo options as well. The splashstick is used to prevent coffee spilling out whilst moving. However if you used a travel mug thismeans no cup, lid or stopper is needed, which is the best option by far!


We currently have a large order of paper and glass straws on their way to us, and they should be in all stores by October.


We no longer offer plastic spoons in our stores. We have the option of metal spoons to use in store or wooden stirrers for those in a rush.


Loyalty Program

Our loyalty system is in place to remove the hassles of having to carry loyalty cards or stamp cards around.When you place your order at the till, the barista will ask if you are a member of the loyalty programme. They will then ask you to key in your number on the little keypad provided, and you pay as normal. Your cell number is then used to tally points to your account. 1 beverage = 1 point. When your unique cell number has accumulated 10 points, the 11th beverage will be for free.

A few things to note:

•   Your number is private. The barista cannot see it on their POS. In fact, you can use any 10 digit number, but customers usually use their cell number as it is super easy to remember.

•   Added to this, the number is ONLY for loyalty points. They are stored in a database by our third-party loyalty vendor purely for the allocation of free coffee to you. You will never ever receive unwanted communication from us. We do not believe our customers are a commodity to be advertised to, so no spam will be sent from us.

•   If you have accumulated 10 points and so you are due your free coffee you do not have to take it immediately. You can save up your free coffees to use at any time.

•   Your free beverage can be anything on the menu, including any extras. Which means even if you only ever drink short americanos, you are more than welcome to have a grande mocha freeze with mint syrup and whipped cream for your free drink. Go wild, you totally earned it!

•   Telkom cable theft and internet connectivity issues are a reality in South Africa. If the system is down you can still key in your number on the keypad as normal. This then gets stored on that cafe’s local system until connectivity is restored to the central database again. Unfortunately connectivity is something entirely out of our control! When the system is offline you are obviously unfortunately unable to redeem your free coffees, so hang on until next time. Rest assured that your points will still accumulate as usual.

•   At the bottom of your till slip will be: Points [ x ] Coffees [ y ] Points go up to 10, and then return to zero, and then 1 free coffee is added. So just check your till slip to see your points / coffee tally. As I mentioned previously, if there are connectivity issues these points will not be written on the bottom of your till slip. They are still there though! Next time you pop in, you will see the updated tally on your till slip.

Whole Bean Coffee

Our whole bean coffee is hand-roasted at out premises in Muizenberg, Cape Town. You can buy our beans in 250g bags at any of our café stores across the country. If you do not have a grinder at home, there are select stores that offer the option of grinding to the correct setting for you.

Decaffeination Process

Our green coffees are decaffeinated and manufactured using a non-chemical gentle carbon dioxide decaffeination process.

Coffee cherries are washed in spring water and the outer fruit layers are removed mechanically to produce parchment coffee which is dried in the sun on raised matting. Once dried the parchment is removed by milling to produce green coffee beans which is bagged and prepared for export.

The coffee beans are shipped to a decaffeination plant. Here green beans are steamed to soften, then treated with liquified carbon dioxide to absorb and remove the caffeine.  Carbon dioxide is removed and the green beans are dried.

Dietary/Lifestyle choice support


Info about the drinks:

All of the dairy we use is certified halaal. We make our chocolate syrup from scratch, from sugar and Dutch cocoa and it contains no other ingredients. We make our butterscotch from scratch, which is simply butter, sugar and cream which we caramelise. None of our beverages contain any alcohol, but our kitchen is not certified halaal. Our flavoured syrups are imported from France, from a company called Teisseire. Next time you are in a store, feel free to ask the barista to hand you the bottle to have a look at the ingredients of your favourite flavour.

Info about the food:

Our central kitchen where the cakes are baked is not certified halaal however any sandwiches or wraps that contain pork are clearly labelled. The muffins and croissants are baked fresh every morning in the cafes themselves

Alternative Milk Choices:

We have 2 plant-based milk options available to choose from. We have Soy milk and Almond milk.

Vegan/Vegeterian Options:

All coffee drinks if had with plant-milk are vegan. Did you know our hot chocolate is also vegan if had with a plant-based milk.