Dietary + Lifestyle choice support

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Halaal: All of the dairy we use is certified halaal. We make our chocolate syrup from scratch using sugar and Dutch Cocoa and it contains no other ingredients. We make our Butterscotch from scratch using butter, sugar and cream. None of our beverages contain any alcohol, but our kitchen is not certified halaal. Our flavoured […]

Decaffeination Process

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Our decaffeinated is achieved using a gentle, non-chemical carbon dioxide decaffeination process. The green beans are sent to a decaffeination plant where they are steamed to soften, then treated with liquified carbon dioxide to absorb the caffeine. The caffeinated carbon dioxide is then removed and the green beans are dried and roasted as normal. It […]

Whole Bean Coffee

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Our coffee is hand-roasted at out premises in Muizenberg, Cape Town. You can buy our beans in 250g bags at any of our café stores across the country. If you do not have a grinder at home, there are select stores that offer the option of grinding to the correct setting for you.

Loyalty Program

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Our loyalty system is in place to remove the hassles of having to carry loyalty or stamp cards around. When you place your order at the till, the barista will ask if you are a member of the loyalty program. Then you will key in your unique cell number on the keypad, and pay as […]


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As you know, half the plastic used in the world today comes from *single*use*items*. That’s it, items used only once. The issues around renewable and non-renewable resources are very complex, but the sustainability hierarchy is irrefutable – first reduce, then reuse, THEN recycle. Our philosophy is simple. We don’t want to interfere with your drinking […]

I would love to work for Seattle Coffee Company! How?

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We are always looking to add new baristas to our teams. Please send through a detailed CV stating your name and location to Please note that all of our baristas are put through intensive training, therefore  we do not take on any part-time positions.

Can I buy a franchise?

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Unfortunately we do not currently franchise our stores or mobile coffee units. Each province in South Africa has 1 or 2 existing joint venture partners, and they hold the sole rights to opening and operating ALL of the Seattle Coffee Company sites in their region. All provinces have already been allocated, and contractually no other […]