As you know, half the plastic used in the world today comes from *single*use*items*. That’s it, items used only once. The issues around renewable and non-renewable resources are very complex, but the sustainability hierarchy is irrefutable – first reduce, then reuse, THEN recycle. Our philosophy is simple. We don’t want to interfere with your drinking experience so instead we reward you, handsomely, to reuse.

With Wings Travel Mugs:  When you buy one of our With Wings Travel Mugs you receive a free drink of your choice, on the spot, and a 10% discount off your order every time you bring it back (or R2 at our FreshStop stores). What is important to note is that we have always offered this discount on ANY Travel Mug you bring in to any of our stores. They don’t have to be ours.

Splash Sticks: Our plastic splashsticks, used to prevent coffee spillage while moving, are re-usable, so keep them in your bag, your pocket, your car and reuse them please! That being said, if you switched to reusable it would mean no cup, lid or stopper is needed, which is the best option by far!

Straws: We offer glass straws, in a nifty little pouch with a cleaning wand. They are remarkably strong, and the glass doesn’t interfere with the taste of your beverage.

Spoons: We no longer offer plastic spoons in our stores. We have the option of metal spoons to use in-store or wooden stirrers for those in a rush.

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