Loyalty Program

Our loyalty system is in place to remove the hassles of having to carry loyalty or stamp cards around. When you place your order at the till, the barista will ask if you are a member of the loyalty program. Then you will key in your unique cell number on the keypad, and pay as normal. Your number is used to tally points to your account. 1 beverage = 1 point. When you have accumulated 10 points, the 11th beverage will be free.

A few things to note:

  • Your number is private and is used ONLY for loyalty points. They are stored in a database purely for the allocation of free beverages to you. You will never, ever receive unwanted communication from us. We do not believe our customers are a commodity to be advertised to. The barista also cannot see it on their POS.
  • You can save up your free beverages to use at any time.
  • Your free beverage can be anything on the menu, including any extras, no matter what you usually drink. Go wild, you earned it!
  • Telkom cable theft and internet connectivity issues are a reality in South Africa. If the system is down you can still key in your number and have your points accumulate as usual, but you cannot redeem your free beverages. The data gets stored on the computer’s local system until connectivity is restored to the central database, where it is updated.
  • At the bottom of your till slip will be: Points [ x ] Coffees [ y ]. Points go up to 10, and then return to zero, and then 1 free coffee is added. So just check your till slip to see your points / coffee tally. Alternatively you can login to our Loyalty Portal and manage it from there. If there are connectivity issues these points will not be written on the bottom of your till slip. They are still there though! Next time you pop in, you will see the updated tally.

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