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All of the dairy we use is certified halaal. We make our chocolate syrup from scratch using sugar and Dutch Cocoa and it contains no other ingredients. We make our Butterscotch from scratch using butter, sugar and cream. None of our beverages contain any alcohol, but our kitchen is not certified halaal. Our flavoured syrups are imported from France, from a company called Teisseire. Next time you are in a store, feel free to ask the barista to hand you the bottle to have a look at the ingredients of your favourite flavour.

Our central kitchen where the cakes are baked is not certified halaal, however any eats that contain pork are labelled. The muffins and croissants are freshly baked in store every morning.


We have a variety of plant-based milk options available to choose from, and Soy milk will always be free.

A guide to making your drinks Vegan:

Espresso-based beverages with Alternative M*lk

Steamers (except Butterscotch) with Alternative M*lk

Chocolate-based beverages (like the Mocha or Hot Chocolate) with Alternative M*lk (just not the White Hot Choc)

Any tea, Iced Tea + RedEspresso with Alternative M*lk

Our Lemon + Ginger and Berry Freezes are naturally Vegan. Our Seattle, Mocha, Strawberry, Choc and Choc Mint Freezes are also Vegan with Alternative M*lk, just ask for them to leave out the cream.

P.S. All of our flavoured syrups are Vegan!

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